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Protect Your Little One’s Eye Health

The health of your child’s eyes is vital to their social, motor, and cognitive skills as well as achievements in the classroom.

Regularly scheduling a comprehensive eye exam for your child sets them up for success in the future. Early detection of possible ocular conditions is critical for early intervention. Our team of knowledgeable and passionate optometrists will create a treatment plan unique to your child, so their vision can be managed effectively.

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When Should Your Child Have Their Eyes Examined?

As children grow and change, so do their eyes. A comprehensive eye exam monitors those changes to ensure your little one can see to the best of their ability. To ensure your child achieves visual success, the American Optometric Association recommends an age-appropriate schedule for visiting the eye doctor:

  • Age 0–2: first eye exam between 6 and 12 months
  • Age 3–5: at least one eye exam
  • Age 6–17: once before first grade and every year after that

If your optometrist determines your child is at risk for vision problems, they may recommend more frequent examinations.

Visual Skills We Test For

For your child to successfully read and learn, they need necessary visual skills that go beyond seeing 20/20. The following skills help your child recognize, comprehend, and remember the information their eyes are taking in:

  • Visual Acuity—how well your child can see objects in the distance
  • Focusing Ability—the quickness and accuracy of maintaining clear vision when switching from viewing an object in the distance to close up
  • Eye Tracking—the ability to keep their eyes on a moving object or when their eyes move while reading words on a page
  • Hand-Eye Coordination—how visual information translates from the brain to the hands
  • Eye Teaming—how well your child’s eyes work together
  • Visual Perception—the ability to organize images and to understand and remember the information

Count on Us for Clear Vision

We want your child to see their bright future ahead.

For a thorough assessment, trust the team at Oviedo Vision Center to take care of your child’s eyes, now and for years to come. Visit us for quality care.

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